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• NEW Repeat Delivery -- Schedule Your Order with Steps Below 

It’s Easy to Get Started:

1. Click Manage My Account link on the very TOP of the web page. (Login if you are not already in your Account.)

2.  On the LEFT SIDENAV, click on the ORANGE “Manage Repeat Delivery” button.

3. Select the items you want.

4. Enter the quantity of each item.

5. Click on the "Repeat Order" button. Enter information, and review for accuracy.

6. When correct, click the "Subscribe" button.

7. NOTE: Setting up your Repeat Delivery is done separately from placing a regular order. If you need products right away, proceed with placing a normal order. Then, go back and set up your Repeat Delivery to be shipped to you a month later. Repeat Delivery cannot be scheduled while you are in the process of placing an immediate order.

8. To See or Review your Repeat Delivery, you must login to your Repeat Delivery Account, by going to www.eniva.com. 
– Use the login credentials that were emailed to you.

• Items will ship 30 days from the date you enroll, and will ship on that same date every month after.

• You will not be charged until your order ships.


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